"When my daughter was diagnosed, Wheels was there to comfort her. She built a relationship with the Wheels volunteers, she was so comforted by you all that she forgot all her pain. I am so grateful to Wheels for caring.”

Sunrise on Wheels

Can you imagine a child not wanting to leave a hospital because they’re having so much fun?  At Sunrise on Wheels, we see this every day!

Sunrise on Wheels is an innovative initiative that provides children with fun-filled Sunrise excitement while awaiting and undergoing treatment in pediatric oncology units at participating hospitals. Siblings and parents are always welcome and encouraged to participate.

Caring and dedicated Sunrise staff and volunteers happily wheel a rainbow-colored trunk bursting with toys, games, crafts and activities right into many of our affiliated hospitals, transforming what can often be a difficult and scary day into a day of magical camp-like fun!

Our Wheels program, which launched in 2009, engages more than 6,000 children in 21 hospitals annually, ranging from toddlers to young adults.  Younger kids can be found giggling as they are creating huge towers with Legos and Magnatiles, coloring their favorite super heroes and cartoon characters, arranging action figures or making fun shapes with Play-Doh. Older children rush in to join a laughter-filled game of UNO with their favorite friends and volunteers, or may instead choose to delve into an intricate art project. And of course, everyone’s day may include “whipping up” some gooey slime!

The Wheels team complements hospital staff by engaging patients in one-on-one activities and fun, while at the same time insuring that siblings feel recognized and important and offering a much-needed break to moms, dads and caretakers.

Sunrise on Wheels is sponsored by our incredibly generous donors who support our mission to deliver endless smiles, continuous laughter and hours of fun and to children undergoing treatment, their siblings, parents and families.

We have also developed exciting virtual programming for patients and families to enjoy while in the hospital or at home, including Sunrise on Screens and Wheels Up!

Sunrise on Wheels / Sunshine from Sunrise

Jennifer Rebetti


Sunrise on Wheels

Sunshine from Sunrise

Please note: Due to Covid-19, our Sunshine from Sunrise visits are all being done virtually.

Whenever we become aware that one of our campers is hospitalized, parents can request a “Sunshine Visit”, from a Sunrise on Wheels volunteer, camp counselors or year-round camp staff, who will visit with a few special surprises and a cheery smile.

Sunrise Day Camp and Sunrise on Wheels staff and counselors are available to bring Sunshine into your child’s day with a phone call or Zoom session!

Our team is ready to virtually play games, read stories, do crafts and more!

Sunshine from Sunrise is just that – a burst of sunshine during the darkest times, bringing sighs of relief to parents and sounds of laughter from their children. It’s so simple to schedule a visit; all you need to do is call us!

Please contact Jennifer at  to schedule a virtual visit today!